ARDENTIS – Swiss Dental Clinics

For Ardentis

The brief.

How can you build awareness and position a group of dental clinics in terms of quality, proximity and gain sympathy from the public?

The work.

We have created a distinctive, unique messaging with a dual approach: the generic campaigns (OOH) fashionably uses the clichés of sado-masochism to outline the fact that with Ardentis, dental care is soft, smooth and painless, while for the opening of clinics in new locations, we display emblematic, non-smiling regional figures, with the simple slogan “Smile”. Here a famous swiss folklore figure of the particular Gruyères region: the “Armailli”, a mountain cow shepperd and traditional cheese maker.
We are developing the positioning and messaging of Ardentis and deploying it on all channels (outdoor, press, events, website, SEO, etc.).