Chaminou dans l’espace – Case Study

For Métropole Lausanne

The challenge
To strengthen the relationship between Metropole Lausanne Shopping Center and its customers and activate the fanbase, the creative heads at AMIN B+G have created and told a spectacular story on Facebook.


The work
Chaminou is Metropole Lausanne Shopping Center’s mascot. Three years ago Chaminou, Prince of Happiness, came from planet Mee-ow to help the people of the Earth in their quest for a better life through more purchasing power for shopping.
Over 200’000 happy customers having won grand prizes, instant gratification, tangible rewards and memorable experience during six Chaminou promotions in the last three years, it was about time that Chaminou flew back home.


The results
Mission accomplished!
People have been involved with weekly pictures, videos and app’ games.
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Facts &Figures after 2 months (Aug. – Sept. 2013)
Like: + 40%
Engagement: + 5661%
Average Post Reach by post: + 400% of fans
Monthly Visits: + 37%