SWISS – Case Study

For Swiss International Air Lines


In may 2014, the prestigious « SWISS »  airline company came to us with a complexe mission.


The Brief.

  1. Raise awareness about the brand and the specific Geneva « low cost » offers
  2. Activate sales during summertime
  3. Boost online newsletter’s subscriptions
  4. Get a better understanding of the customer’s expectations


The Solution.

What is your favorite destination? This is the question we asked to SWISS’ customers via street marketing operations and TV ads and over 30’000 persons answered on a microsite.

When the customers were visiting the microsite, they were directly exposed to the brand’s special « low cost » offers.

To boost customers’ subscriptions, we launched a contest with a very, very attractive prize: fly Business Class for for free with SWISS for a whole with a choice of 24 destinations in Europe.


The Results.

The whole campaign was conceived and brought to life within 4 weeks only and the results were amazing:

  • More than  32’000 participants within 10 weeks, who all indicated their 4 preferred destinations!
  • More than 16’000 new subscribers to the newsletter.
  • More than 3 minutes average brand and content exposure by participant.
  • Over 6 million cumulated contacts!


From initial contact to completion, through the various proposals , we were delighted with the flexibility , creativity and reactivity of B + G. The campaign was a success and we achieved the goals we had set.

Lorenzo Stoll – Head of Western Switzerland at Swiss International Air Lines