For The Cat Rental Store

The context.

When renting equipment – from large excavators to small compressors – companies large and small are looking for solutions that will ensure no downtime, maximal productivity, flexibility and profitability. But in the end, it is all about giving the people that are out there on the jobsite the equipment they need to get the job done: whatever it is, wherever and whenever they need it.


The brief.

The largest equipment rental network in the world, The Cat Rental Store was in need of renewed attention and of a new identity in the EAME region. In a rapidly changing environment, we recommended that the highlight of the new identity should be to focus on the customer : the jobsite workers, those men and women doing what it takes to get the job done.


The work.

We made the jobsite workers the real Heroes of the new campaign, conveying the idea that The Cat Rental Store’s mission really and simply is to help them getting the job done. A wide range of materials was produced, featuring Rental Heroes from Europe, the Middle-east and Africa. The campign was so well received both by Caterpillar and its Dealers that it was picked-up, replicated and is now running also in North and South America.


Online, Social Media and Lead Generation Initiatives.

Parallel to the classical, offline campaign now running in EAME and the Americas, we developed an online and social media campaign. Consisting of video and other contents, it is distributed online via a specific Youtube channel, a specific section on , as well as on Facebook ( Objectives are focused on SEO, WOM and online lead generation for dealers. After only a few weeks, the results are there in terms of SEO and traffic/lead generation, with an increase of 20% on the online platform and a visible increase of online leads.