Co-creative Strategy: To assist you in formulating and implementing your sustainable strategy, especially to ensure that your communication creates meaning and builds lasting connections with all your stakeholders around this strategy, we offer a proven methodology based on four participatory workshops.
At the end of the process, you will have a complete, documented, quantified, and practically applicable Roadmap for the implementation of your marketing, branding, and sustainable communication strategy.
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1. 4x3 ON 17

Determine the key axes and actions for your sustainable development within the 17 SDGs, choose which ones are relevant to communicate. - If it's already done, great. If not, let's do it!


Formulate your strategic plan and sustainability indicators for marketing and communication


Understand and name the needs and expectations of your stakeholders

4. Brand Making Sense

Define the fundamentals of your brands, their sense and value propositions

5. Design, Operation

Redesign your sense and value propositions, communicate them to create lasting connections

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