METROPOLE LAUSANNE – The leading shopping mall in the city of Lausanne.

For Métropole Lausanne

The leading shopping mall in the city of Lausanne, Metropole is a good example of how b+g approaches and finds winning solutions for the retail industry in the XXI century.

The Brief.
Plan, conceive, create, produce, distribute and manage all Metropole’s marketing communications activities.

The Solution.
POS traffic generation, sales promotions and animations – all highly result-driven, are deeply rooted in b+g’s DNA since the agency won its first retail client, back in 1973. In the XXIst century, the approaches for successful, result and cash generation marketing communications have changed a bit. The basic ingredients remain the same but increasing client interaction, more emotionally coloured activities, and a full integration of digital tools in the customer journey make our retail activities more successful than ever before.

The Results.
Since the agency won back the client three years ago after after a major center refurbishment, we developed and imposed a new brand and identity, conducted numerous innovative sales promotions activities, and fully integrated digital tools in the media mix and consumer journey. As result, all KPIs have been reached and the Metropole shopping mall regained its position as the leader in the region