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Julien Ferla

Head of Digital

Agencies under attack: How the middle man must evolve

Agencies under Attack
Hé oui, ... !

"To reach consumers effectively, agencies need to reframe the process, the structure, and the type to talent around the customer journey. Operating in traditional silos will hinder agencies' abilities to create relevant, real-time experiences to win with consumers"

"We are in a pull vs. push world, where consumers own the conversation. The changing consumer expectation and transfer of control requires marketers to deliver meaningful stories with equally meaningful brand experience in order to succeed."

Gary Colen, AMP Agency

Sullivan Tronchet

CRM - Sales - Fundraising - Social Media - Marketing

AMIN Animation 2014 Final

How to reach your goals and marketing objectives all around the world? AMIN, the most powerful independent and local network of communication agencies.

Julien Ferla

Head of Digital

Google I/O 2014 – Keynote

Revoir la Keynote Google I/O 2014 - facts and figure + une intro géniale via une Rude Goldberg Machine. ...

Julien Ferla

Head of Digital

“La stratégie secrète de Google apparaît…”

*La stratégie secrète de Google apparaît…* Si vous suivez Google depuis longtemps cette stratégie n’est pas si secrète ...

Article intéressant à propos de ce qu'est Google aujourd'hui, un écosystème construit autour du savoir et de l'intelligence et qui a pour but, comme à l’origine de leur moteur de recherche, de le rendre artificiel, autonome et «libre» ?

_Autour de 2040 émergeront des machines dotées de la capacité du cerveau humain_

espérons que ces technologies seront utilisées à bon escient, doit-on mettre en place un contrôle ou est-ce que cette nouvelle nation qui s’érige au milieu d’un peuple d’utilisateur et hors des états traditionnel s' autorégule

KB Dialog by Künzler Bachmann

A full service agency, B+G & Partners is active in Direct Marketing since 1985. B+G is the exclusive partner in French speaking Switzerland of Künzler Bachmann Direct Marketing, the leading DM solutions provider in Switzerland.

KBDM (www.kbdirect.ch) was founded 1903 and has developed the most comprehensive database of private addresses in Switzerland: CHPrivat.
CHPrivat is made of several million private addresses, profiled with thirty+ different socio-demographic and psycho-graphic (Sinus Geo Milieus) criterias.

Furthermore, as to optimize clients’ marketing operations, KBDM has developed a unique set of CRM and Campaign Management tools.

Connected to the CHPrivat database, our CRM tools enable real-time interactions between your client database and the most comprehensive, constantly updated and enriched database on the Swiss market.

AMIN - Global Access + Local Know-How

AMIN EAME was created with the objective of providing clients with a more effective alternative to the global networks. Each agency is hand-picked for their ability to deliver powerful local insight, market leading creativity and results-driven work. And because we are independently united, we collaborate brilliantly, offering more flexibility than the multinational agency networks. Worldwide, the AMIN network gives our clients access to 50 offices located in 35 countries, where 2'000 professionals work and develop fully integrated, award-winning marketing communications worth USD 2 billions combined billings yearly. Learn more

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