"Everything you touch,
You change.
Everything you change
Changes you.
The only permanent truth
Is change…"

Lauren Oya Olamina
Earthseed: The Book of the Living

in "Parable of the Sower," Octavia E. Butler, 1993



Today, humanity is facing existential changes that require a profound transformation in the way we live, think, and express our world.


Since the emergence of advertising in the 19th century, marketing and communication professionals have significantly contributed to the development of a hyper-consumer society that must reform itself without delay.


In doing so, we, as professionals, have developed proven methodologies and skills that enable us to bring about change. Active in marketing and communication since 1967, we want to make our expertise available to actively contribute to the changes the world needs.


Build meaning, create connections.


Co-responsible for the state of the world, we help our clients formulate and implement their business, brand, and communication strategy to support them in the social, economic, and environmental transition.


We provide our strategic, creative, and operational expertise to reform consumer society, participate in changing underlying systems of meaning, and actively encourage all stakeholders to practice and promote sustainability.


We help our clients articulate the meaning of their propositions, establish and lead their business, brand, and communication strategy to build lasting connections and guide them as committed actors in the social, economic, and environmental transition.
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  • 1968
    First Poster (Montreux Jazz Festival)
  • 1985
    First Fundraising Campaign (Terre des Hommes)
  • 1996
    First Website (montreux.ch - mymontreux.ch)
  • 2010
    First Facebook Campaign (Aquaparc BoosterLoop)
  • 2019
    B Corp Certification
Passionate Employees and Close Partners
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Years of Uninterrupted Collaboration with our client TCS (road safety)
Conviction - Being an Agent of Change
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In 2019, we obtained the BCorp Certification attesting to our commitments in environmental, societal, and governance matters.
In 2023, we joined the Swiss Triple Impact directory with the four formal commitments listed here.
And we achieved a B score in the ESG evaluation conducted by CRIF-Synegy, placing us among the top 33% of the best-rated companies out of 470,000 examined in Switzerland (...).


The Doughnut theory by economist Kate Raworth, lays out the fundamentals of a sustainable and regenerative economy vs. the shareholder growth models developed and practiced in the 19th and 20th centuries.
B Lab's Theory of Change presents the transformations to implement and concrete solutions to adopt by companies for the advent of an inclusive, fair, and regenerative economy.
The Science Based Targets Initiative and the SME Climate Hub are reference frameworks for companies making climate commitments, involving massive emission reduction measures to stay below 1.5°C of global warming.
The Swiss Boards for Agenda 2030 Playbook is a guide for Swiss Boards of Directors and executives to guide them step by step in the transition to a positive impact economy.
Parable of the Sower is a dystopian novel published in 1993 by American writer Octavia E. Butler. It is set from 2024 to 2027 on a Earth heavily affected by climate change and social inequality.

Desire for Meaning – Need for Connection – Sobriety

To illustrate our commitment to actively participate in the reforms our world needs as branding, marketing, and communication professionals, we have designed and created three "fake real advertisements," produced according to the prevailing rules in marketing communication today.
We displayed them as posters in the street and on social media, overloaded with letters cut out from magazines: Desire for Meaning – Need for Connection – Sobriety.
Our goal:
Illuminate how brands and their campaigns work to feed never-satisfied impulses – the engine of hyper-consumption (1), rather than addressing deep human needs to encourage responsible and sustainable consumption.

Our question:
Can marketing and communication honestly contribute to a sustainably better world?

Our answer:
Yes, provided they strive to promote and develop a socially and environmentally sustainable economy, and work to change the systems of meaning to reform the engines of consumption.

Our methodological and practical approach answers this question.

(1) See especially: Benoît Heilbrunn – The marketing of dissatisfaction - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Pgx3yF7jYg

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